Our BEE Approach and Work Plan


The Project Concept is an excellent channel and means whereby sustainable BEE strategy and management for new black businesses in areas where expertise and capacity did not exist previously, can be created.
In principal, Ekuseni Personnel Consultants would:

  • Seek to understand our CLIENT’S strategic objectives, CLIENT’S overall BEE objectives as well as the specific BEE objectives for this project.
  • Align our CLIENT’S with those of the government's overall objectives on BEE. We are mindful of the country's broad based BEE policy objectives. In summary the BBEEE Act seeks to promote:
    • Empowerment through ownership,
    • Human resource development and employment equity; and
    • Indirect empowerment through preferential procurement and enterprise development.
  • Establish the BEE objectives with our CLIENT’S and present our plan on how the BEE objectives would be achieved through out the phases of the project. We would present a proposed framework with which the Client’s BEE objectives for this possible PPP project can be implemented.
  • Define the technical output specifications and execute the project's BEE Due Diligence and Risk analysis which will entail the identification of project-specific conditions that exist within the sectors in which the proposed project will operate to assess the achievability of the agreed BEE objectives
  • Identify potential project risks relating to achieving the BEE objectives set out for this Project and develop mitigation strategies for the risk factors identified to ensure that the BEE risk issues are not addressed in isolation to the Project's overall risk factors, we will prepare a project's risk matrix, This will also address the BEE risk factors and mitigation strategies.
  • Establish the Project's overall affordability through examination the implementation, from our CLIENT’S as well as the project team perspectives.
  • Assess and test the impact of BEE on affordability and value for money for our CLIENT’S through several models thus together with our CLIENT’S, develop mitigation strategies to ensure that participation in the Project does not render the overall Project unaffordable.

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